Post-amputation Care

In order to keep stump’s skin in normal condition it is necessary to wash it with soap and warm water every evening before a bedtime. You should necessarily wash off the soap; otherwise it will irritate the skin. It is wrong to keep a stump humid for a long time. Carefully dry it out with a soft towel. It is recommended to massage a stump several times per day. One shouldn’t shave, creme or put on it liquids, containing alcohol.
A stump should be wrapped with elastic bandage; it can be removed before taking bath or massage. A special attention should be paid to the cleanness of an elastic bandage: it should be washed with soap and warm water normally once in two days. Spread it on an even surface and dry out.
It is necessary to perform two complexes of physical exercises for a stump in condition of wrapped and removed bandage. It’s preferable to be active, walk with rollator and crutches. While walking a stump should be held near the other. While having rest it shouldn't be leant on the metallic parts of the crutches. It is also necessary to keep artificial limbs in due order. It is necessary to wash, wipe and dry them out as often as you do it with a stump. Artificial limbs can be cleaned with alcoholic solutions. In case of necessity you can use talcum powder. If stockings or sponge are used in artificial limbs, it is necessary to wash them to prevent the skin from inflammation.


-Stump and artificial limb should be washed every day
-Stump should be wrapped with elastic bandage or stockings
-Frequent bandaging of stump
-Frequent washing of elastic bandage and stockings
-Much walking makes a stump firmer
-Strengthen a stump by means of physical exercises
-Make a stump mobile by taking a proper position
-Straighten a knee for a while when waling, sitting and lying.


-Wet a stump long
-Shave a stump
-Put alcoholic liquids on a stump.
-Sit for a long time
-Sit with legs crossed
-Put a stump on elbow-rests of a chair while sitting
-Put a stump on crutches or a handle of a chair in order to have a rest