Making a prosthetic appliance for people with disabilities is performed in the following order. A person who has to make a prosthetic appliance for the first time turns to a Medical Technical Committee (MTC), which properly defines the type of the prosthesis needed. In order to make a prosthetis free of charge a person with disability should turn to a Prothesis Orthopedic Enterprise and submit the above-mentioned definition about the prothesis. The provision of rehabilitation utilities is free. People with disabilities are provided with wheelchairs, orthopedic shoes, crutches, hearing aids and other rehabilitation items.
Wheelchairs are given to people with disabilities on the basis of the conclusion of the Medical Social Expertise Committee (MSEC). Wheelchairs are available for 3 years. On the expiration one can turn to respective services in order to get a new one. Besides the state authorities the NGO “Pyunik” also imported in Armenia a considerable number of wheelchairs. In order to avoid repeated receiving of wheelchairs by one and the same person and in the same time provide everyone with wheelchairs a number of disability-oriented Armenian NGOs made a decision to coordinate the distribution of wheelchairs with the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare. When anyone gets a wheelchair for a person with spinal injury check that the elbow-rests should be removable, otherwise a person with disability will not manage to change seats from the wheelchair to the bed, pan etc.
Hearing-aids for pensioners and children under 16 who have hearing impairment are given on the basis of a certificate from the “Center of Hearing” of the Ministry of Health of RA. Hearing-aids are also given for 4 years.
Free distribution of other rehabilitation items is available on the basis of a certificate from MSEC, which is received for every specific case. Smaller rehabilitation items are available for free for children with disabilities under 16 and pensioners. People over 16 and under pension age have to pay for these items.