According to World Health Organization, people with disabilities make up about 15% of the world population. More than 1 billion persons all over the world live with some type of disability and, despite the aparent progress made in the recent years, continue facing challenges in the various fields of life. Especially difficult is the situation in the developing countries, one of which is Armenia.
More than 194,000 persons with disabilities living in Armenia do not have the opportunity to take active part in the socio-economic life of the country due to the inaccessible environment, discriminatory attitudes, stereotypes, lack of proper social, medical and other services, legislative gaps, lack of accessible public transportation and other issues.
Certain progress has recently been made in Armenia due to the active work of the Armenian NGOs and state reforms. Armenia ratified the UN Convention on the rights of people with disabilities (2010) thus building a foundation for creation of the new social model of disability rights protection.
On this website you will find useful information on Armenian NGOs and the state agencies dealing with disability issues, accessibility of education, employment, culture, sports and other spheres for disabled people. A special attention is drawn to disability etiquette, as well as to the existing stereotypes and the methods of overcoming them. Services available to disabled people are also described in the corresponding sections of the site. After the 2014 update, an accessibility guide and a unique job search platform have been added to the website.