Disability sports in Armenia experienced active development over the last decade. Since 1989 twenty summer and winter recreational camps have been organized: more than 2000 people with disabilities had rest and worked out in there. In 1992 Armenian sportsmen participated in the open Alpine skiing championship of Russia, and in 1993 – in the open ping-pong championship of Russia.
Annually on May 28th, on the occasion of the Independence Day of Armenia the wheelchair marathon is held on the route Yerevan – Echmiatsin.
In 1994 the National Paralympics Committee of Armenia was established. It coordinates the disability sports in the country. The National Paralympics Committee is a member of the International Paralympics Committee.

The photos have been provided by Pyunik Armenian Association for the Disabled and British Council Armenia.

Due to this Armenian sportsmen with disabilities were granted with opportunity to participate in the Paralympics and also in World Championships and Championships of Europe on different sports. The most developed disability sports in Armenia are sailing, ping-pong, athletics, swimming, powerlifting, basketball, archery and Alpine skiing. In 1994 the first National Games, participated by about 100 people with different disabilities, were organized under the initiative of the “Pyunik” Association for Disabled of Armenia and the International Post-Trauma Rehabilitation Center.
In September 1994 a team of Armenian sportsmen with disabilities participated in the World Championship, and in August 1995 – in the European Championship on Sailing, where it gained the right of participation in the Paralympics. In 1996, first in the history of Armenia Armenian sportsmen with disabilities participated in the Paralympics on two types of sports: sailing and powerlifting, and won 8th and 4th places respectively. In 1998 Armenian sportsmen participated in the winter Paralympics in Nagano, in 2000 – in the summer Olympics in Sydney, and in 2002 – in the winter Paralympics in Salt-Lake-City, in 2004 – in the Paralympics in Athens.
In 1996 an Armenian sportsman with disability together with sportsmen from Georgia, Azerbaijan, Russia and Norway climbed with his wheelchair to the top of Kazbek (5047).
The Sports Rehabilitation project for mentally retarded people was implemented in Kharberd.
Beginning from 1996 Armenian sportsmen with disabilities participated in the international marathons in Chicago, New-York and Los-Angeles. Archers, swimmers and tennis players participated in a number of championships of Europe and World.
Among the NGOs of Armenia, mostly Pyunik; (president – Hakob Abramyan, phone – 565607) is engaged in disability sports.