For persons with disabilities officially registered in Armenia, rehabilitative services are provided in accordance with the social-psychological individual rehabilitation plan. The plan is developed by the Local Agency of Social Services on the basis of the application submitted by persons with disabilities or their representatives. A home visit to the applicant's place of residence is organized and an assessment of social conditions and needs of the individual is carried out within 15 days after submission of application. As a result an individual plan aimed at addressing the primary needs of the applicant, improving their independent-living skills, as well as resolving their social and financial difficulties is developed. The Individual Plan includes description of the social conditions the applicant lives in and relevant suggestions on improving the situation.


Medical rehabilitation is provided by relevant state, regional, municipal or communal institutions, rehabilitation centers and health resorts regardless of their legal status. Psychological rehabilitation is provided by institutions providing specialized psychological assistance as well as state, regional, municipal and communal medical centers and rehabilitative institutions.
Vocational rehabilitation is provided at
a) The State Employment Service Agency at the Armenian Ministry of Labor and Social Issues and its local Employment Centers.
b) State vocational and higher education institutions.
c) Vocational training centers

Under subordination of the Armenian Ministry of Labor and Social Issues are the "Medical Rehabilitation Centre" CJSC and "Stress" Center. Therapeutic, surgical, traumatologic and neurological services are provided at the "Medical Rehabilitation Centre. The "Stress" Center includes ambulatory and inpatient care departments. For persons with disabilities all services at both centers are free of charge.

Gratsia International Post-Trauma Rehabilitation Center (IPTRC) in Yerevan is a unique medical institution specialized on the Spinal-Cord Injured patients’ rehabilitation. The non-profit medical facility is committed to providing a wide range of medical services. The Center was fully operated since 28 August 1992. It was built to be a venue for Spinal Cord Injury rehabilitation program, which was initiated by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Society in March 1989, following the Spitak earthquake in Armenia. Rehabilitation services offered at IPTRC include functional/general rehabilitation, including post-acute treatment and hospital-based out-patient services and home visits to non-hospitalized and to discharged patients as well as visits to other hospitals; general rehabilitation for amputees, patients after crania cerebral trauma, stroke, heart attack, etc.; spa treatment.
Rehabilitation therapy services for functional/general rehabilitation assess, deal with and prevent problems of mobility and function using natural approaches, which are based essentially on movement, manual therapy and hydrotherapy.
The services improve patients’ functions and minimize disability through traditional medicamentous and non-medicamentous treatment, specific use of selected activities, techniques, environment and equipment adaptations – with the objective to achieve personal independence in daily living activity and regain competence in leisure and related tasks.
Vocational therapy services for professional rehabilitation assess and prepare people with physical limits for return to employment and for-socialization in professional life.

Contact Information

International Post-Trauma Rehabilitation Center (on the photo)
Tel.: (+3741) 345200, 353503

Medico-Rehabilitation Center
Tel.: (+3741) 622890

Stress Center
Tel.: (+3741) 628997

Prosthetic and Staff Training Center
Tel.: (+3741) 634350

Prosthetic-Orthopedic Center
Tel.: (+3741) 620201

The Ministry of Health Research Institute on Balneology and Physical Medicine
Tel.: (+3741) 266779