Social Welfare and Benefits

The following mechanisms of social security are in place in Armenia.
Disability groups are determined by Medical-Social Examination Agencies (MSEA), functioning within the system of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of Armenia.

To receive disability status, persons with disabilities should apply to the local polyclinic and undergo medical examinations. Where relevant, the polyclinic provides a referral (Form No.88) to the MSEA. The MSEA makes the final decision on whether or not a person is entitled for a disability status and defines the person's disability group. The first disability group is determined for two years, and the second and third groups – for one year. If either for the last 7 years the first or the second group was determined for a disabled person, or over 15 years – the third group was determined, then a disability group is given for life. A disability group for life is also given in cases if, according to the conclusions of MSEA, irreversible changes have taken place in a person's organism, and when entering the pension age. In case of disagreement with the decision of the local MSEA, one can appeal against it in the republican MSEA, and in case of disagreement with the decision of the latter ? law proceeding/trial can be initiated.
People with disability group 1 and 2 can enjoy free pass in the city electron transport. Medical care for the disabled people’s must be free and provided by the state. It should mentioned that this regulation of the law, however, is frequently violated in practice.

Disability pensions/benefits are granted to
1) Persons with 1st group disabilities and children with disabilities in the amount of 140% of the basic pension.
2) Persons with 2nd group disabilities in the amount 120% of the basic pension.
3) Persons with 3rd group disabilities in the amount of 100% of the basic pension.