State Programs

The State Employment Service Agency implements the following state-funded programs aimed at fostering employment opportunities for persons with disabilities.

Workplace adaptation for employees with disabilities of first and second groups. The program reimburses the workplace adjustment related expenses incurred by the employers. Expenses eligible for reimbursements include acquisition of property, equipment, tools, installation, etc.
Internship for persons with disabilities with no job experience. Persons with disabilities who have completed their vocational education during the previous 5 years but have no job experience.
Vocational Education All persons with disabilities registered at the State Employment Agencies are eligible to be included in the training programs.Vocational training, requialification training and extension and development programs are available.
Financial support to enterprenuers with disabilities. The program provided financial support to persons with disabilities for state registration of a person as an individual entrepreneur or for registration of a commercial organization founded by persons with disabilities. Professional training courses aimed at organization of entrepreneurial activities are organized for the persons willing to be involved in the program of financial support.
Partial compensation of salary to employer. (RA Government Decree No 996-N ). The program aims at fostering job placement of persons with disabilities through provision of additional incentives to employers in the form of partial salary compensation.

Due to changes in the Labor Code of the Republic of Armenia, all State Programs are currently terminated.

For more information on state programs promoting employment opportunities for job-seekers with disabilities please visit The official website of the State Employment Service Agency.